Hello, we are Moreno and Viky,

our story begins with the great passion for dogs,
we both had different experiences from an early age, Viky with a american staffordshire terrier and I with a Rottweiler.

One day, during a walk, we saw a beautiful puppy that made us shine the eyes, 
was a bull terrier miniature !!!
It 'was a stroke of lightning, and from that moment we decided to take just one!

We informed and not after a long time and the big day arrived,
we took a beautiful puppy named "UMA DEMI DREAM"
 to which we have decided to dedicate the name of our kennel.

This first puppy thanks to its special character made us completely fall in love with this breed
bringing us to increase the number of our people in a very short time, until you get to breed with passion and love these beautiful creatures!!